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Shortly after I met Evane a few years ago while she was visiting New York, I traveled to Paris where she kindly invited me to stay in her home. It was an offer I accepted, not just because Evane is one of those friends that immediately feels like family, but also because the woman knows how to irresistibly decorate an apartment.

As a travel journalist turned interior designer, Evane travels a LOT (she was answering the questions for this post from England and was in Milan just before that!) She somehow manages to have her finger on the pulse of wherever she is, always in the know of the most interesting places and spaces, and brings this sensibility into her designs and her own home. She and her boyfriend Jean-Phillippe (a painter with a studio in their apartment), have filled their airy space in the 10th arrondissement with a minimal mix of vintage furniture, pieces from their travels, and Jean-Phillipe’s own graphic paintings which add such a personal touch. I’m so excited to share our visit into their bright and creative home!

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An Eye for Design / Evane Haziza

Can you tell me a little bit about what you both do and how you came to live in this apartment in Paris?
Evane: I’m an interior designer through my own studio with two associates, ECCE studio. We design restaurants, homes, and offices. We like to mix minimal lines with custom pieces that we draw and develop with artisans. We were looking for a spacious and luminous home and we ended up here – the heart if Paris, it’s a vibrant neighborhood filled with many different populations.

Jean Philippe : I have several activities but I devote myself mainly to my artistic projects. This apartment is the first living place in which I had the opportunity to build a workshop to paint, so I imagine, in a way, it is part of my creative process.

How did you move into interior design from journalism?
I worked as a travel journalist for years going through the world and finding inspiration everywhere. I always wanted to be an interior designer so I just decided to go back to school for 4 years. It was a lot of organization and work but worth it.

What is your favorite room in your house and why? How do prefer to spend your time while you’re at home?
Our home is both our oasis and our work space. My favorite space is our bedroom – it has all my belongings and is my most intimate area. We love spending mornings in the living room for breakfast, the light filters perfectly into the room, We also love having friends over for meals too, we’ve set up the lamps so they highlight the plants in the window which creates an atmosphere that feels pretty special.

lifestyle interior evane haziza atelier dore photo

lifestyle interior evane haziza atelier dore photo

lifestyle interior evane haziza atelier dore photo

lifestyle interior evane haziza atelier dore photo

lifestyle interior evane haziza atelier dore photo

Favorite place you’ve traveled and why?
Evane: Both Japan and Italy. They are completely opposite but both have aspects that I love. In Japan it’s the minimal lines, perfect gardens and generous people. In Italy it’s the accumulation of patina and colors in the different buildings and homes – and the hospitality! The smell of all of the ingredients in the food, mixed with pineweed, the sea, and olive trees is a perfect combination!

Jean Philippe: We discovered Iceland last summer and it was breathtaking. The light there has no limit, it’s so inspiring and the landscapes are rough and wild at the same time. Driving through was incredible – we camped on a volcano with no one around us, it was incredible.

What are your 3 must-do Paris recommendations?
1. Spending time at museums and galleries to discovery new artists and designers. We recently visited Musée Bourdelle and it was really inspiring.

2. Chilling with friends for dinner and trying new places in Paris is always a good idea. Abri Soba was the last place we tried in our neighborhood and it was amazing.

3. Bike ride to the train for a day trip or for the weekend. Barbison, la Vallée de Chevreuse or even Giverny to escape paris and relax in the country side.

lifestyle interior evane haziza atelier dore photo

An Eye for Design / Evane Haziza


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