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The First Monday in May

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The First Monday in May

Vogue nous réserve un documentaire… oui, le deuxième.

La premier opus s’appelait The September Issue et s’intéressait à la fabrication du numéro de Vogue le plus important de l’année, celui de septembre. Cette fois-ci, le film nous offre un aperçu des coulisses du plus célèbre événement mode à New York : le gala du Met. Il a lieu tous les ans au Metropolitan Museum of Art, le premier lundi du mois de mai (d’où le titre), en marge du vernissage de la nouvelle exposition au Costume Institute. L’an dernier, l’exposition s’intitulait « China: Through the Looking Glass » et le documentaire nous propose d’assister au montage de l’exposition et à l’organisation de l’évènement lui-même, qui accueille certains des plus grandes noms de la mode et du show-biz. La  bande-annnce vient de sortir, on a déjà repéré quelques visages familiers, comme Anna Wintour ou Karl Lagerfeld.

Le film fera l’ouverture du Tribeca Film Festival le 13 avril. Nous on a trop hâte de le découvrir !


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  • Looking forward to seeing it.
    (I find it significant that not only does John Galliano feature in the documentary, but he has been put into the trailer. A sure sign that Vogue/Anna Wintour considers he has done his penance and is now back in the fashion family?)

  • Would be good to see Galliano back. His work is inventive, creative and involves incredible details and technique. He has a real appreciation and understanding of ALL aspects of creating haute couture garments. His last Dior collection was phenomenal — there was a movie made about one creation in particular, but only shown to the public a couple of times before being hidden away,…..I hope they bring the film back sometime. It would be neat to see it again.

    Here’s the dress that the movie was about and there’s a little bit about the movie at the bottom. It’s hard to convey how intricate the creative process was to make this garment and the number of people involved — each of them a true artist.

    A tour de force!


  • Love that dress!

  • I still watch the September Issue regularly and I really enjoy watching the behind-the-scenes clips they added in the extra footage. I’m looking forward to seeing this when it comes out!

  • A contrarian view, no double, however, I think Kate Moss looks absurd in that dress and hairdo. With amazing bone structure, she doesn’t have to do much to look great, and usually does, but here she is trying far too hard (or somebody has put her up to it).

  • Ooh can’t wait to see it! x


  • Can’t wait to Watch this one ! Maybe even more than I wanted to Watch the September Issue.

  • mosaic_world 16 mars 2016, 1:43 / Répondre

    sounds like a fun film. being a non New Yorker, I don’t fully understand the significance of the Met Gala (aside from seeing the pics in mags and Bill Cunningham coverage). but it sounds like an interesting theme too.

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