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Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Harassment

Le Pocket PMF d’aujourd’hui, sur le harcèlement sexuel, est autant d’actualité qu’il est essentiel. Garance parle avec Emily, Tori et Erica de leur vécu personnel et des révélations d’abus commis dans différents secteurs – politique, entertainment, etc. Elles évoquent l’abus de pouvoir, et la frontière entre une situation où l’on se sent mal à l’aise et celle où l’on est violé, tout en insistant sur la nécessité d’une plus grande sensibilisation et d’un dialogue plus ouvert sur le sujet.

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Pocket PMF: Sexual Harassment
Pardon My French with Garance Doré
Pocket PMF: Sexual Harassment
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  • hanks so much for this awesome episode and for sharing your stories! Super interesting to hear a bit about the sexual harassment that goes on in fashion – I’m totally unsurprised but sad to hear that it does happen!

    Just to say – I think that the issue that you spoke around but didn’t quite mention explicitly is the issue of consent. Big or small, extreme or mild, harassment is about engaging in sort of interaction the victim does not consent to. I’ve heard some interesting stuff mentioning how, in terms of raising children who don’t engage in or become victim to sexual assault/sexual harassment, its about teaching children about consent and their own bodily autonomy and the right to say no to physical contact they don’t want. And respecting others bodily autonomy and right to consent. So that’s another thing we can all do :)

    I hope this isn’t too much of a faux pas, mentioning another podcast discussing your excellent podcast, but I can definitely recommend the podcast « the Guilty Feminist » for anyone who wants to educate themselves further around these kinds of feminist issues, and have a giggle.

    Thanks for covering is issue :)

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