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A Feel-Good Product

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A Feel-Good Product

Il faut que je vous avoue quelque chose…

Je ne suis pas quelqu’un d’hyper ordonné. Je suis du genre à faire cinquante essayages tous les matins, donc la seule et unique chaise que j’ai devient vite impraticable. Je suis aussi du genre à avoir des couverts supplémentaires en back-up au cas où j’aurais la flemme de laver une fourchette. Répugnant, je sais. Néanmoins, une fois par semaine, je suis tellement soûlée par le bazar ambiant que je me mets à furieusement ranger pendant une heure. Puis le cycle se répète, inlassablement.

Donc pour éviter de tomber dans ce travers au printemps, j’essaie de trouver des moyens de rendre le rangement et le nettoyage un peu plus sympathiques. Sayaonara, Ajax ! J’achète des produits d’entretien qui me donnent envie. Je suis tombée sur une marque, Common Good , et depuis, je suis devenue une vraie fée du logis. Liquide vaisselle à la bergamote ? Lave-vitres à la lavande ? Bien sûr ! En plus la composition est 100 % bio, et ils sont dépourvus de produits chimiques toxiques :) Que du feel-good.

Et vous, vous avez des petites astuces pour vous donner envie de nettoyer ? Ou est-ce que vous êtes naturellement portés sur la propreté ?

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  • Invite people over often. That gets me into a cleaning frenzy ;D

  • totally! nothing makes me clean more than the impending arrival of a house guest! :)


  • So true Alex! And it keeps me cooking as well!

  • Oh yes, that’s a very good way and I do it the same way but I really have to admit that very sometimes cleaning products of eco brands don’t work as good, sigh :(

  • Invite people often, absolutely, that works wonders for me. And my boyfriend just loves to entertain friends, so the house is never untidy for long.
    Also, I personally do not like clutter. I like a clean space, I feel a lot more at peace this way.
    So although I am not naturally tidy, I put things back in their place because I’ve realised how better I feel!

    Last thing: a dishwasher. Changed my life.

  • Yes, clean products, I love this! I want more and more of these on the blog, pretty please!
    And DIYs, yes let’s make our own products at home!
    I ons’t remember whether you’ve already talked about SW Basics, and founder Adina Grigore’s book « Skin Cleanse ». I just finished reading it and it confirmed my opinion on the cosmetic industry. SO NASTY!
    Thanks for offering better options now!
    – Chloe

  • Hi Chloe! Sounds like a really interesting book. I will make sure to check it out.

  • I’m not very messy but not religiously clean either.
    I don’t enjoy cleaning. :)
    I try to keep things in reasonable order and then once in a while I do the same as you – I get into the cleaning mode and start cleaning (and throwing stuff away, or recycling).

    I actually don’t really use any products for cleaning. I use water.


  • I clean most of the house with vinegar and baking soda. Together they work just as well as weird chemicals. Cheap. Natural. Both items go in food, so they can’t be dangerous…..

  • Lovely! Thanks for sharing such a great product with us!

  • Try Mrs. Meyers cleaning products -laundry, floors, dishes, candles, hand soaps… lavender, geranium, basil and dozens more scents.

    Smells like heaven.

  • Hi Kate! I love Meyers products as well :)

  • Ha, thanks for being so honest! Having cleaning products that make you feel good is definitely an incentive to use them and clean more often :)

  • Nice post ;)


  • The coffee shop I work in sells Commongoods soap and boy, do they sell. We use both the Lavender and Bergamot soaps and they are fabulous, even if when I am washing my hands hundreds of times per day! That said,we use Meyers products to clean and they are wonderful as well. Being in food service forces you to be cleanly in many ways, and unpolished things drive me crazy, even if I have plies of papers everywhere.

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