The Rainbow Clog

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Pia Moore

On a déjà parlé ici de notre passion pour les arcs-en-ciel, mais des sabots arc-en-ciel ?! Moi, j’aime beaucoup.

Mais c’est vrai que j’ai toujours eu un gros faible pour ces chaussures un peu rustiques et pas toujours pratiques qui sont plutôt réservées à l’été. La palette de couleurs sur daim tout doux est rafraîchissante, comme un petit clin d’œil aux années 70.

Allez, pour la nouvelle année, si on se mettait à la couleur…

Sabots arc-en ciel, Rosetta Getty

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  • These are amazing x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  • very cute shoes! and a very inspired photo, erik/garance. i’d have to disagree, though, that these shoes are seemingly impractical or generally reserved for summer. because you are all based in nyc, i think you tend to make fashion comments based on that climate alone. as a native new yorker who lives in san francisco, i can attest to the surprise i had when discovering that clogs are quite a staple in the Bay Area, and with reason—they somehow suit the climate here perfectly. eager to see how garance’s perspective on style and practicality changes now that she’s based in LA. it will be an interesting slight variation in your blog’s inspiration! xx.

  • New year – new, colorful me! I like it! I think we should be more courageous and also have a bit off self humor and positivity and wear color with confidence. I bought this bright yellow Cruba coat just recently and whenever I wear it I feel the looks on me. But I have to say the color really brightens up my mood and I also get a lot of compliments. I mean the world is dark enough as it is. And I guess it is all about the combinations. I like to wear it for example with this charcoal dress and I guess it is the same with the rainbow shoes, they should stand out and be combined with something more toned down.

  • Are these clogs comfortable?

  • Love it!

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