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On a déjà pas mal parlé sacs à dos sur le site – parfois, ils nous semblent un peu juvéniles et à d’autres moments, ils sont tout simplement pratiques. Moi, j’y reviens toujours et tous les cinq ans environ, le sac à dos Chanel se réinvente.

C’est la pièce que toutes les filles autour de moi convoitent… le genre d’accessoire qu’on a tout de suite furieusement envie de dénicher sur eBay, Etsy ou n’importe quelle boutique discount !!

Et vous, vous avez le même avis sur le sac à dos ? Vous êtes aussi fan de la dernière version Chanel avec lanières chainées de couleur ??

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  • Chrissie Dyson 2 avril 2017, 9:41 / Répondre

    Sadly they give me backache :(

  • I have a super cool commuter bag, like a backpack that holds a laptop well. I love it and it’s super slim!

    -Kirsten //

  • The shape of this backpack is very similar to a bucket bag. Have a look to our colorful Bucket bags on our website

  • Janani Krishnan 2 avril 2017, 1:54 / Répondre

    I’ve never liked backpacks until recently when the functional convenience of their structure really appealed to my aching back. And to my joy I’ve discovered that backpacks can be aesthetically pleasing and practical. My current fav is this gem from an Indian Brand called the Burlap People

  • I am loving this resurgence of backpacks in a combined sporty practicality and chic, feminine silhouette. Win win!


  • The backpack will always remind me of my 30th birthday. In 2015 I bought myself a Mulberry Cara Delevingne backpack in the oxblood color. The most expensive bag I own. Then shortly after I became a mother(not because of the backpack haha) and I haven’t used a handbag since. Before this backpack, I had a Texier Bucket bag, which will always remind me of my wedding(i bought it shortly after) and I thought we will grow old together. Now my feelings have changed and I think I’m committed to a long relationship with this backpack.

  • Jolie sélection de sac à dos ! J’en ai justement recherché récemment et je suis tombée sur pleins de sacs identiques à ta sélection. Nous avons donc les même références !
    Bonne journée

  • Super sélection, j’aime beaucoup !

    Bisous, et à bientôt !

    Manon ? –

  • oh non définitivement je n »y arrive pas. mon rêve? pouvoir ne plus porter de sac ni sur le dos ni ailleurs :) une banane? on je plaisante même s’il y a eu une percée fashion.

  • First, well-done on how elegantly this website appears on my computer: the feasy-to-see ont that we type in the comments box, the kinder-to-my-eyes palest of breys (beige-grey) on the background.

    Speaking of « back’… I don’t think that it’s so much that the backpack is back, but more that we feel that we need both hands and arms free again: maybe it’s this need to feel unburdened, free to run when we need to, whilst carrying a little more of our essentials to last a whole day, or three, without returning home.

    I get quite bad back-ache and knee-ache, and found that the best back-pack I’ve ever owned is the super-soft leather one by Isaac Reina. It is completely basic (no lining, so it’s incredibly light but still very strong) in the thinnest, most supple leather, so the it barely weighs anything. And, when I carry my essentials and a book and water-bottle and light sweater, it still feels like nothing on my back. Small enough to hold in my hand, and with straps almost 2 inches wide, this is the best investment I’ve ever made, in red, electric blue, black… tan… and when almost empty, it folds and rolls up like a tiny, supple little clutch for evening.

    It’s this kind of back-pack that will always have place in my heart, and on my back.

  • Could hardly focus on the backpack…that outfit is everything.

  • Me too!

  • So I arrived in Japan, ready to spend 5 weeks working and traveling. The land of the backpack. Here I am, slogging away with a bucket handbag that has my laptop, notebook, travel purse, extra jersey (March in Tokyo has been COLD!), battery pack…bla bla bla…all overflowing, giving me a wonky back and all.

    I resisted the backpack. Initially. Simply due to me being transported back to high school every time I put one on. The lack of femininity that I felt in wearing one (all in my own head, of course). And then – I found it. The backpack that could travel, not make me look like a hobo AND also contain all of my things.

    And what do you know. Here I am doing 17,000 steps a day and only worrying about whether or not I am going to get bunions on my feet, rather than slipping a disc in my back. And hands free!

    Highly recommended.

  • good blog thanks for share with us

  • Love backpacks, but one question: how do you wear it without feeling insecure about someone stealing something from inside it while you’re waiting in line, etc??

    A lot of the local Malaysian brands have a zip on the inner back, but the ones I love from the high street and designer ones dont, and Im mega paranoid about losing my wallet.

  • Could hardly focus on the backpack…that outfit is everything

  • First, well-done on how elegantly this website appears on my computer: the feasy-to-see ont that we type in the comments box, the kinder-to-my-eyes palest of breys (beige-grey) on the background.

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