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Posséder une paire de gants en cuir me donne l’impression d’avoir un laisser-passer pour l’âge adulte (la maturité, la vraie). Cela dit, moi, je n’en ai jamais eu, mais pour la première, je sens que je pourrais, et surtout, que je devrais.

Maturité mise à part, je me dis qu’ils font moins chauds et cosy qu’une paire de gants en laine : confortables, faciles à mettre et à fourrer dans ses poches…

Donc, si vous deviez choisir, vous prendriez cuir ou laine ?

Gants en cuir, Coach ; Gants en laine, Vintage

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  • I have some turquoise leather gloves with cashmere inside. They almost make me welcome Winter in Boston. Almost…

  • I bought my first leather gloves when i was 20 so for me they have no association with adulthood. That was 10 years ago. In between I was gifted, bought and lost quite a few pairs but I still have 3 pairs i think left: black with buckles, red with q bow and brown i think with buckles as well . I was in fact looking for another pair today and I really liked agnelle ones ‘night bird’ or gold ones by gucci with ribbons.

  • Laine ou laine polaire, parce que je perds tout le temps mes gants, même s’ils sont en cuir et très chers…
    Belle soirée

  • Love all the picks — looking forward to buying some ‘real gloves’ this winter!


  • It depends on the outdoor temperature that you expect in the country where you live. When I was leaving in the North of Spain, Basque Country, leather was perfect and elegant but living in Sweden for decades now I learnt to appreciate modern materials if you are biking to work under the snow. My favourite ones are leather stuffed inside with knit or fur, elegant in the outside and warm inside. Something to protect your hands and head in winter could give us that special touch to your daily outfit.

  • Definitely leather gloves, lined with silk, and the silk lining is of paramount importance for the warmth. Anything polyester will feel cold.

    I also own wool lined leather gloves for cycling, they are thicker bur really warmer. remember, leather is windproof and knit is not.

    And for cycling in the very cold weather sheepskin mittens are a must.

  • Moi je rêve de gants en cuir beige ou noir et surtout long, qui arrivent jusqu’au coude, je trouve cela tellement élégant, mais pas facile à porter au quotidien !

  • I’m raised with leather gloves. I don’t want anything else. Always got a few. For now I have black, brown, cognac, red and purple. Not in use now are my horsriding and car gloves. I stil want some blue and greens too. @fabiduister

  • Always love warm and sleek leather gloves. Somehow I often end up losing one though… and end up with one very chic leather glove with no pair!

  • J’ai toujours porte des gants en cuir de preference, chauds et elegants.
    Malheureusement, depuis que je vis en Floride, les gants sont au fond d’un tiroir, je les regarde en soupirant…. :-)

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