Céline Clasp Bag

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Parfois l’accessoire le plus désirable de la saison passe presque inaperçu. Comme par exemple le sac Céline du printemps… sobre et raffiné, qu’on trouve au bras des rédactrices sophistiquées comme des power women.

Moi, j’avoue avoir un petit faible pour les sacs qui brillent avec quelques touches de couleurs pop. Mais en vrai, ce dont j’ai envie et ce qu’il me faut, c’est un sac éternel. Une pièce qui résiste à l’épreuve du temps et qui aura encore tout son sens dans 20 ans. Pas parce qu’il est flashy, mais parce qu’il est précis.

A nous l’élégance et ses accessoires aux détails subtils. Et à nous Céline.

Sac, Céline


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  • That perfect Celine bag. So elegant, practical and will surely last the next 20 years! do it! :)

  • I don’t often get bag crushes, but *this*!! Sigh.

  • I like how simple it is!

    -Kirsten // http://www.porkandcookies.com

  • classic it is but also sort of « lady like » and …. conservative ? Not sure its really me….

  • Sashenka @Sashenkaonline 8 avril 2017, 3:57 / Répondre

    I came across it today in May edition of UK Vogue! It feels positively ‘granny » like yet it’s so understated and elegant. Very up my street.

  • Les sacs Céline sont toujours des réussites. Quand je pense que ma grand-mère en avait plusieurs, tous de grandes maisons, jetés par ma mère les trouvant complètement ringards, trop Anémone Giscard d’Estaing!!! Arghh! La mode, la mode, la mode!

  • I love it but it really reminds me of the Queen’s handbags.

  • Jayne daly 8 avril 2017, 9:39 / Répondre

    Where to get this amazing bag?

  • It looks like the kind of bag I would LOVE to inherit from my mom. It’s that classic.

  • The bag is elegant but to me me I echo Judi plus being from the UK it reminds me of the 80’s and the Conservatives and class barriers back then.

  • Love this! My mom had a purse that is very similar to this, except in cream, not black. She bought it in the early 80’s and it was still in terrific condition when I spotted it in her closet. I snatched it for my own the minute she didn’t want it anymore. Some classic items just get cooler with age!

  • A classic bag , is a thing of beauty! The bag that is a trend for a season or two is often purchased at H&M or the like . Make an investment of money and commitment to a classic bag , it is a relationship . I recently wrote a post on « An Investment Bag. » You may 2 time but often the first is the best .
    Dress The Part

  • I saw this bag today and I was thinking the exact same thing! I love that it comes with a gold chain as well. Celine really knows how to tap into the classics – like the box bag reminds me of stewardess’s airline bags…timeless.

  • Gorgeous, but .. 2100$ ! such a turnoff. Even if I had all that money to spend, that would pay me a nice holiday! plus some charity ;) and much more. I know it’s hard to combine fashion and good prices, but could you please offer some cheaper/affordable suggestions (at least sometimes)? that would be totally worth the effort

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