Studio Visit / Meta Flora

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One of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow is @metafloranyc. We’ve even been so lucky as to have a few of their designs show up at the office where they were revered for their originality. So we had to inquire further and see who was behind this super cool florist design. Without further ado… meet Marisa! The woman behind Meta Flora!

Studio Visit / Meta Flora
Studio Visit / Meta Flora



How did you get involved in floral design? Where you doing something different prior?
I was working in fashion as a stylist assistant for nearly a decade. I was craving a change & wanted something of my own. I distinctly and randomly decided flowers would be my new path. And Meta was conceived!

There’s something so magical about the fleeting presence of flowers that I love. They force you to be present to enjoy their beauty before it’s gone. What draws you to floral design?
I was drawn to flowers quiet beauty. An opportunity to create compositions based on color texture and shape. Similar to styling…

Studio Visit / Meta Flora



Your arrangements are a departure from your grandmother’s bouquet of roses. What pushes you to broaden the traditional definition of a floral arrangement? Where do you look for inspiration?
I continue to learn and evolve my designs- they have always been atypical but without me really looking to do so. I find myself only pushing the boundaries now so they remain unique.

What are you favorite plants and flowers to work with?
I have so many favorites that change with the seasons… allium, pampas Grass, smoke bush

What does a typical day in your studio look like and what do you love about your studio space?I get back to the studio around 8am after gathering flowers at the market. I usually burn some palo santo and listen to music while workingI love the light & energy of the space!

Studio Visit / Meta Flora


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  • I love the top she’s wearing! x

  • Fabienne June, 28 2018, 2:12 / Reply

    No more French translation ?

  • Veronica June, 28 2018, 3:32

    Hi Fabienne! We had a last minute editorial shift this morning that our translator couldn’t accommodate but we will update it with the translations as soon as they are done!

  • I love that you’ve chosen to show Marisa as not smiling!! Her work is beautiful (as she is as well), and I loved reading this, but my favorite is that she doesn’t need to smile to be fascinating and successful.

  • I follow @metafloranyc and am so inspired by the unique compositions. Thank you for introducing us to the person responsible for creating this magic! Marisa is stunning – xo

  • When I studied costume design many years ago now , my Professor stressed that the best color coordination’s were found in flowers. Flowers speak to the soul , the simple beauty can calm and refresh . The combination of shape , color and aroma make for a unique design experience. Fabulous post thank-you to Marisa for sharing her art .
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  • Camille Romano June, 29 2018, 4:38 / Reply

    So beautiful work! I just wish the French translation would not have as many mistakes…

  • Justine June, 30 2018, 1:54 / Reply

    Where is her top from?

  • surely readable. good article!

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