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Gut Feels

In today’s edition of “sexy water cooler topics”, we’re going to talk about gut health. And, as the official, self-appointed, writer of all things unsexy-but-incredibly-important...

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The Escape of a Bath

You might remember the delightful Allison Baar from her poetry piece here. Well, we brought her back...

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vagina spa day atelier dore

A Vaginal Spa of One’s Own

We decided to bring the ever-charming Amelia back to write a little piece on something we’re...

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Garance has been raving about Posetta and The Signature treatment at Tonic Boutique in Los Angeles...

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What’s So Cool About CBD Oil?

What’s So Cool About CBD Oil?

You know in college when someone asked if you ever smoked pot before and you were like, “Duh. Of...

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Broken Bones

Broken Bones

Growing up, roller blading was my mom’s choice of workout (it was the 90s) and being a single...

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All is Well with Shiva Rose

All is Well with Shiva Rose

Shiva Rose is much like a rose itself. She is both multi-layered, strong and sensual. Shiva started...

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Let’s Talk About Sex

A few Friday nights back I found myself alone, nursing a martini at Arthur’s Tavern in the...

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carla oats atelier dore

All is Well with Carla Oates

“Way before green juices became an acceptable beverage choice Carla Oates was in her kitchen...

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sandra chiu atelier dore

The Art of Acupuncture

A few weeks ago I found myself in a meeting casually mentioning I’d like to try acupuncture...

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Sophia Roe Atelier Dore

All is Well with… Sophia Roe

Sophia Roe is a dynamo. Obvious looks aside, she is approachable, calls everyone angel, and is a...

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Mia Rigden Atelier Dore

All Is Well with Mia Rigden

We are all a little bit obsessed with the goddess that is Mia Rigden. As I type this, Tori and Pia...

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Sonia Seiff Atelier Dore

My Better Half

Last October I woke up with the acute pain that any woman over the age of eighteen can quickly...

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Ameerah Omar Atelier Dore

All is Well with Ameerah Omar

We are continuing our All is Well series with Ameerah Omar. Ameerah is a Life Coach and Change Agent...

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Under the Surface

Under the Surface

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (let’s face it, I kind of feel like I have been for the...

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Rituals at the Hammam

Rituals at the Hammam

It’s practically impossible to go to Morocco without at least talking about (if not experiencing)...

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The Invisible System

The skin is our largest organ, and our visceral connection to the outside world. Strung along like...

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All is Well with Heather Lilleston

Heather Lilleston is one half of Yoga for Bad People, but don’t be fooled by the name, Heather...

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