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Hot, muggy weather often leaves the hair atop my head feeling less than fresh, and that’s a generous description. A wild display of hair dancing to and fro in the sticky wind before frantically settling onto my also sticky face – it’s pure delight and great for getting attention.

But then, like divine intervention, I saw this gorgeous girl at MBFWA with her hair twisted and braided across her forehead. It reminded me of the mini side braid Garance wore while she was in the difficult phase of growing her hair out. Or like Lexie’s middle/top of the head braid, quite similar to these, further convincing me that they are onto something…

Anyway, my point is, the impending summer weather calls for options for keeping said hair off said face, and maybe the answer is not simply in a ponytail. Natalie and I were trying to decide if this front braid was achievable on your own – as in, could we actually do it? I say yes, she isn’t so sure. We both are a little concerned that the attempt may result in us looking like a couple of extras from Game of Thrones (I use this reference assuming there are people in the background with braids. It should be noted, I have never actually seen the show.)

If I can’t master the braid, plan B is to bring back the extra wide jersey headband to, at the very least, take charge of my hair, and at the very most, look like Kate Moss (or any supermodel) in the 90s.

By the way, my mom used to braid crowns into my hair, sometimes even in the shape of a heart, and one special occasion that involved a ribbon braided through. It was awesome. And weird. And perhaps the subconscious catalyst to this current contemplation. And definitely doesn’t answer the question: can I actually braid my hair like this?

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