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I’m sure I’ve told you many times that I’m a huge fan of low-maintenance beauty, especially when it comes to my hair. As a woman-on-the-go (yes, I consider myself one of those!), you have to keep it easy. Even more in the summer, and even more when at the beach.

Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton is definitely a fellow woman-on-the-go, and she has the low key beauty thing down to a science. Cyndi is the founder of Taste the Style (a site about style…and food! She owns a few restaurants with her husband) and the recently opened Chillhouse, and likes to keep her whole getting ready routine under 30 minutes. We got ready with her in the Hamptons, where she and her husband have a pop-up of their bar, The Garrett, for the summer. We asked Cyndi to give us a run through of her routine, morning and night, and the products that make her 30 minute getting ready routine possible.

Morning: I wake up, chug a glass of water, check my phone, and jump in the shower. I use Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Cleansing Oil Crème Duo. I have also been using this awesome towel that is specific for hair drying, so I wrap my hair in that. I feel that it cuts the time that my hair dries in half, which is great because I like to air dry my hair. It is kind of a game changer in my opinion.

Good to Go

Then I use the Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil and then I follow that with Save the Day Repair Fluid, which is a great product to help repair damage from years of coloring and styling.

If I’m not blowing out my hair that day, most likely what I end up doing is throwing in a little bit of Don’t Blow It, so it adds a little bit of texture. Then, I split my hair in half and put them in two little low buns and bobby-pin them, like little pigtails. That’s how I let my hair air dry—like that or in braids. I’m kind of lazy and I hate applying my lotion so I use this Vaseline spray. It is kind of nice because it is fast and it’s not super heavy or anything.

commissions bumble and bumble atelier dore photo

commissions bumble and bumble atelier dore photo

For my face routine I start with Glossier sunscreen and then I have been using a Marc Jacobs moisturizer / primer. From there I apply Mac foundation and then I use the NARS orgasm blush. I have been using Marc Jacobs mascara, the new one, and I am obsessed with it. Sometimes I use By Beauty, the multi-stick on my eyelids and my lips.

Night: I wipe my face off with the Neutrogena face wipes, always. I have also been using the Earth Tu Face face wash after I do the wipes. I occasionally do a face mask, but then I have also been using the Bumble and bumble While You Sleep repair mask twice a week at night. Then I just brush my teeth, and go to sleep!

Good to Go

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  • Jodie Filogomo August, 12 2017, 8:31 / Reply

    This is why I ended up cutting my hair!! Finding the way that works with your natural hair seems to be the best and most flattering way to go! I just don’t know why it took me over 50 years to figure this out -haha!

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