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Like Garance (oh yes, this is Alex by the way, promise we’re finding a good way to notify the post authors super soon) when I think of the new year, I try to avoid making lofty resolutions (“This year I will find a husband!” never seems to work out for me) but I do like to think of each new year as a fresh start. And when I think about fresh starts, I think about beauty– big surprise there.

Here are a few things on my fresh start list…

Take a break. Garance took the photo of Magdalena above in Paris last season (and then painted on it) and I love her simple, natural look. I’m vowing to have some makeup free days. #embracethosefreckles

Find a routine. Routines are important. Routines are good for you. Every morning I’m going to wake up and check my Instagram, then my Twitter, then my Facebook, and then my email say hello to the birds out my window, do a few stretches with meditative breathing exercises and start the day with a smile.

Give it 30-days. I’m giving myself 30 days to really see if a product is working for me before I move on to the next. Just like with the guys I date…

Drink water. #Boring but true. So there is this app called Waterlogged that’s cool AND beautiful and helps motivate you to drink water and I sort of hope it’s going to become like a game? Maybe? Do it with me?

Sleep flat. As in on my back. You remember what we told you about that?

Sleep more. I just ordered myself some memory foam and canceled my subscription to Netflix.#missyoualreadycptjakeballard

Treat ma’ self. I’m going to learn how to massage my face like a pro. And I shall show you the way.

Get French hair. I think I’m just on the verge of mastering the sea salt + volumizing mousse combo needed for perfectly un-perfect French girl hair. One step closer to the Alt.

Wash my face. Everyday. Listen self, I don’t care how tired you are or how good you think your eye makeup will look a little bit smudgy the next day!!! YOU WILL TAKE IT OFF.

Simplify. There is such thing as too many NARS pencils. I will be less of a product hoarder.

Oh, by the way: Love myself. I’m embracing the positive affirmation this year. We’re all going to do it at the studio. Instead of criticizing all of those stray eyebrow hairs, I’m telling myself that I look great. Everyday. #iwokeuplikethis

– Alex


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