Beauty Minute with Georgia Graham

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Georgia Graham

Morning: I’m not much of a morning person, so getting out of bed usually takes so long that I don’t have much time left for a complicated beauty routine! I clean my face with Bioderma Crealine on a cotton pad and use an eye cream and moisturiser with SPF. I lived in Australia for ages and so I’m hyper aware of sun damage. I like using natural products from brands like Grown Alchemist. I also have an Australian friend in Berlin who makes beautiful botanical face oils called Neighbourhood Botanicals. I recently started taking omega 3 fish oil tablets and probiotics, which have really improved my skin. Inner beauty, right?!

Day: I’m actually not very good at make up – I went through a serious Avril Lavigne phase in my early teens involving a lot of bad clothes and dodgy eyeliner and I think it scared me off. Doing modelling, you have a lot of make up put on you, so outside of work it’s nice to let your skin breathe a bit, and also just feel like yourself.

My beauty vice is MAC eyebrow gel; it’s a serious habit. For me, it’s the equivalent to a bra for my eyebrows – they’re too big to go without. I normally wake up with crazy devil brows, so it helps tame them. My mum, who hardly wears any make up, gives me a new tube every birthday and Christmas and always asks why on earth I’m so obsessed with it. This usually means I end up gelling my brothers’ eyebrows to show her how effective it is, and then they complain that their eyebrows are crispy and gelled. I also carry Eve Lom “kiss mix” lip balm because it’s a lovely formula and has a cute name.

Night: When I do wear make up I like to layer on some mascara. Diorshow is my favourite, as it has a decadently large wand and makes your lashes nice and thick. I love crazy lipstick like Mac’s “Cyber”, a dark purple-black that probably is a chic hangover from my Avril days. I also love classic matte red from Nars or Mac (Ruby Woo and Lady Danger mixed is the best shade) I read somewhere that the average woman eats about 2kg of lipstick in her lifetime, so it might as well be fun colours!

This is the cheesiest thing ever but I think the best beauty weapon is a big smile. People who look happy rarely look ugly. That said, although money can’t buy happiness, the really expensive masks from SK II and La Mer seem to have a similar effect.”

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