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I remember when I bought my first designer beauty product and how totally chic I felt. Sure, it wasn’t a handbag or a jacket, but I was wearing Chanel.

Today, I’m wearing Balmain.

Your bathroom counter (and your hair) is about to get a whole lot chicer with this line of products from Balmain (they have been available to all of you in Europe for a while and are launching in the US next week– the wait is over!).

In the photo is the Silk Perfume and come on, you can’t say that you don’t want that sitting out in your bathroom…and that you don’t want a hair perfume.

I tried the sea salt spray this morning (by the way, I did find one that worked for me, but it’s hard for me to use it in the fall and winter because I smell like a Hawaiian Tropics model and there is just something a little bit off about coconuts when it’s freezing cold…) and this one smells great, a hint of vanillla & amber, while still giving me the effortless, cool Blue Crush Balmain hair that I crave.

On top of all that, you know us: we can’t resist beautiful packaging.

– Alex

PS: The full line includes the Silk Perfume, Texturizing Sea Salt Spray and an Argan Moisturizing Elixir. You will be able to buy it at Wonderland Beauty Parlor and online here in the US on 12/2!


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