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I’ve always loved exploring the different routines of people that I find interesting. We’ve done this with our Beauty Minute series, but more and more I find myself talking about beauty as it relates to wellness. We thought it would be interesting to talk to both men and women about what they do to keep their body and mind feeling sound in a day, a week, a month, and a year. It’s so different for everyone—some people meditate, others exercise, some do nothing except for a big cleanse once a year. It’s so personal and, for me, so fascinating.

So with that, I bring you a new series on Atelier Doré that we’re calling All is Well. Today, you’ll read the routine of Rens Kroes, a holistic chef and author of the Power Food cookbooks. We’ve been following Rens site for a while now, and were so excited to hear she recently relocated to New York from The Netherlands.


Every Day: First, I keep healthy by eating pure, fresh, whole foods and drinking a lot of water. I think relaxation, exercising, and positive thinking helps you stay healthy too. Being aware of all of these practices gives me a glow, and makes me feel really happy from the inside out.

I love sleeping, I sleep 8 hours a night, I need it. I stretch my body in the morning and then go to the kitchen and drink lemon water and green juice if I have the time. I take vitamin D supplements and put some music on and take a cold shower. I pat myself dry I usually apply coconut oil, and then have a coffee with oat milk, which is so good and creamy.

I love to cook everyday, well, when I don’t have deadlines I love to cook. I try to reduce my stress by breathing well and staying aware of my breath, especially when things get stressful. And then I love to end my day with golden mylk or my chai good night drink.

I believe that beauty comes from the inside. If your body doesn’t have much to complain about, you’ll glow on the outside all by yourself.

Every Week: I try to keep my body in shape by running, intensive training in the gym, or sometimes yoga. I love to relax and meditate every once in awhile, I should do that more often, and I love to dance. If I’m stressed I don’t really work out because I think it’s important to chill.

I spend time with friends every week, it makes me really happy. Sometimes we’ll go out a few times a week, to have a coffee or dinner, and if we have dinner at my place (because I love to cook for everyone) we’ll just turn it into a party. I will drink cocktails when I go out, it’s part of relaxation! And balance.

I plan recipes and go to the farmers market every Saturday so I can get everything I need to avoid going to the grocery store everything.

Every Month: I love to get a massage every month. I believe when you feel like your body needs it done, you really need to do it, rather than waiting until you have an injury. I love to travel, but that’s not every month – I wish! For work I travel sometimes, which is really inspiring.

Every Year: I’ll do a juice cleanse about every 6 months, but if it’s a big cleanse for 6 or 7 days, I’ll normally do that once a year. I’ll try and take a trip once a year too to relax and find inspiration for my next book.


Learn more about Rens, and find her blog and cookbooks, on her website and Instagram. Her newest book, Power Food on the Go, is released October 1st.

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  • Sunny Side September, 20 2017, 9:51 / Reply

    Wow elle ressemble à sa soeur ! Manger sainement, surtout maintenant, est crucial pour la peau, l’énergie, le bien être. Avoir une pratique méditative minimum 3h par semaine, pour passer dans un autre champ d’énergie est vital. Cela se voit immédiatement sur le visage, dans le regard. Savoir lâcher prise est si précieux pour être en phase avec son intuition et sa spontanéité. Je pratique depuis longtemps le Tai chi, c’est une source de joie infinie, je prends tjs mes décisions après une séance. Danser est aussi génial, chacun trouve selon sa personnalité.

  • Walking saved me ! What I mean by that is I moved into the city center , and was able to walk everywhere that I needed to go ! This really has been my daily, weekly and monthly ! As for yearly , I insist on actual Vacation for at least 2 weeks a year . Being an affirmed workaholic this is not always easy ! I also love my life and have adopted a daily ritual of being grateful!
    Dress The Part

  • Proud to see a fellow Dutchie here! <3

  • Love this new series! Always interested in peoples different routines and learning new tips for feeling good. Just a few minutes of pampering can make a difference.

  • J’adore cette nouvelle série ! Great new series!

  • J’adore cette nouvelle rubrique ! Merci !

  • Je suis totalement fan de cette nouvelle rubrique!!! Merci de déborder d’idées!!!!

  • GO Rens!!

  • So lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  • Love her t-shirt! I know I’m shallow…. ;-)) Do you happen to know by any chance where it is from? XOXO from Bangkok

  • This looks like a promising new series! Always great to get insights in people’s routines and the like.

    One editorial side note… Holland is a region in The Netherlands. If you’re referring to the country as a whole (which I think you are, because Rens is originally from Friesland, not Holland, even though she might have lived there before moving to NYC) then definitely always use The Netherlands.

  • Got it! Will update. Thanks Suzan! x

  • reshoo Je suis totalement fan de cette nouvelle rubrique!!! Merci de déborder d’idées!!!!

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