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A Beauty Minute With Sophie Auster

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Morning: My morning routine is simple. I’ve been using Alba Hawaiian Face Wash and Aveeno Ageless Moisturizer. The cream is nice and thick but not greasy, and really good for the winter.

During the days I wear Laura Mercier‘s Tinted Moisturizer in cashew beige, Laura Mercier’s Under Eye Concealer, Chanel Black Mascara, and Laura Mercier’s Eyebrow Pencil. When I was 15, I plucked off almost all of my eyebrows and turned them from thick, even specimens, to uneven, overly arched tadpoles. It wasn’t until a friend’s mother told me I was going to ruin my face that I stopped the over tweezing and let them grow out. Now I rarely pluck them and actually extend them with the eyebrow pencil. I’m happy they came back! I think I have mastered the “no makeup makeup look”. For me, it’s all about applying it by your window in natural light. I remember slapping makeup on my face in my bathroom in high school and being horrified when I caught my reflection in a car rearview mirror on the street. No one wants to look like they are wearing a lot of makeup and I think it actually ages you.

Day: In my bag I have lip balm and Laura Mercier’s Cover Up Compact. I have naturally dark eyes so this helps me look alive!

Night: My makeup in the evening is similar to what I wear during the day but I tend to go a little more bold in the evenings, especially when I have a performance. When I’m singing a red lip is really nice because it draws attention to your mouth. I have also been into a Sofia Loren cat eye that I am trying very hard to master with liquid liner. If I’m going to go heavy on the eye makeup, I keep my lips nude. Otherwise you run the risk of looking a little gaudy. My philosophy with makeup is ‘less is more’!

At night, I usually take off my makeup with Pond’s Cold Cream and then wash my face with the Alba cleanser, use Neutrogena toner, and then I use a Chanel night cream. It seems to keep my skin in pretty good shape.


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