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“Morning: I put on HydraFlore Rose Musquee Elixir. It’s a wild rose cream for my face. It’s a French local brand. I fly a lot and with the seasons changing, I’ll use a richer deep moisturizing cream, Esse Omega Deep Moisturizer.

After that I put on Bobbi Brown Illuminating Face Base (SPF25 PA++) to have smooth and brighter skin. And then foundation, concealer and my makeup. The foundation is Laura Mercier, its quite light and I like it because its not really sticky and the coverage is really good. Then I put on the creamy Bobbi Brown blush, it’s really good because you can use it on the cheek and on lips as well…

Then mascara and I don’t use an eyeliner. I always choose Lancôme L’Extreme WP. I’m not sure if they stopped producing them or gave it a new package because I didn’t see it last time but I have a few stocks left from every time I go duty free shopping! Because my eyelashes are really heavy, after I curl them I can only use the Lancome to support it. My lipstick is Giorgio Armani.

Day: Lipstick is a must. And a hand cream.

Night: I remove my lip and eye with Chanel Eye Makeup Remover and then for my face I use Esse from South Africa. They extracted essential oils from trees, so it has woods and natural smells, which I love.”

– Lany Cuen Tian, Phoenix TV Host, September 30, 2013, Paris

Rose Musquee Elixir, HydraFlore; Omega Deep Moisturizer, Esse; Illuminating Face Base, Bobbi Brown; Foundation, Laura Mercier; Cream Blush, Bobbi Brown; L’Extreme Waterproof Mascara, Lancome; Lipstick, Giorgio Armani; Eye Makeup Remover, Chanel; Face Makeup Remover, Esse.


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