A Beauty Minute with Calu

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Morning: Clean my face with Avène Gel, and apply Yon-Ka Hydra No. 1 Fluide. And SPF 15 everyday!

Day: I love Guerlain products, they are incredible! Météorites Primer, Super Lips Hero and Bois D’Arménie fragrance, all from Guerlain; and an illuminating moisturizer from Tata Harper.

Night: I remove my make up using Avène Gel and then apply Orchidée Impériale Cream by Guerlain.


Remember Calu from our spring floral edit? How could you forget! The Argentinian activist and model won our hearts with her passion for the environment, her sense of humor, and of course, her beauty.

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  • Sadly Guerlain is not cruelty free… it would be nice that they stop testing in animals. :(

  • Giséle June, 19 2017, 2:51

    En Europe, les tests sur animaux sont interdits, alors arrêtez.ce ne sont pas des produits chinois, vendus en Chine.

  • Matilde June, 23 2017, 8:22 / Reply

    I really love to read your “Beauty Minute”-posts and I am always so lucky when a new one comes out.
    They are very inspiring and the women you interview have always an interesting and beautiful personality.

    I wanted to ask you if you also could do a “Beauty Minute”-post (or another interview maybe…) with the italian model and designer -she now designed her deput swimwear collection, it is totally chic in my opinion!!!-
    Bianca Balti.
    I would be very happy and I really would appreciate that because I think she is not only a good model but she also is a very nice human being and although she is so successfull/famous she is so down to earth.
    Thank You,

    PS.: I am sorry for my english, it is not
    so good because it is not my
    mother tongue…

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