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Morning: My morning beauty routine starts from the inside out. I do ‘pulling’ with a cold-pressed sesame oil for two minutes and then use a new copper tongue scraper that I’m slightly obsessed with before meditating which is the ultimate practice if you want to truly glow. Then I begin on the topical things. I rinse my face with Diptyque’s Infused Facial Water: a cleansing rosewater and then apply our MAKE Moonlight Set to even my skin tone and protect against HEV and Infrared light. I follow with some minimal makeup: concealer and our MAKE Universal Stick, a versatile Lip & Cheek Stain.

Day: I never leave home without Marine Salve for my lips. I tend to always do my makeup in transit so, also keep a clear Sculpting Lash & Brow Gel on hand, Face Gloss and a Brow Pen – all easy products for mobile application from MAKE. I like to keep a fragrance or oil with me and am currently using Maraki Nomad Sacred Spirit Oil which is infused with Palo Santo. Haeckels Seaweed and Geranium Hand Balm makes me (& my hands!) feel human and sensorially grounded.

Night: I run a bath with Wild Dog Rose & Birch Bath Oil from Haeckels and Epsom or Sea Salts for ritual cleansing and relaxation. I use Aesop’s Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser and then hydrate my face and body with MAKE’s chamomile infused Succulent Skin Gel, finishing with a lip treatment using a Sea Salt Exfoliator & Marine Lip Repair, as my lips tend to get quite dry.


Ariana Mouyiaris is a Native New Yorker and the Creative Director of MAKE Beauty. She’s well traveled (Switzerland as a teenager, London currently) and well-educated (Brown University). MAKE beauty makes natural-leaning, cruelty free products that encourage individuality and social mobility. They donate 10% of sales to We See Beauty Foundation, supporting women led, owned, and operated businesses.

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